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Holding space for taboo and unspoken topics around the mind, sensuality, spirituality & relationships.




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Sisterhood, Pussy & the call from within

What happens when you embrace a calling to be more in tune with your body, sensuality, eroticism, and yoni? Dive into the world of Desire a.k.a I Am Pole Bunny for how she influences her global community.



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For years I’ve held space for conversations around the mind, body, relationships, sensuality, and health as a guest on various podcasts, written articles, as well as hosting intimate events. Every week, I hold space for intimate interviews with fascinating expert guests, change makers, creatives, past clients, and solo episodes where I share my knowledge and personal thoughts.

For the first time, all of these delicious topics come together combining my education as an artist, sensual somatic facilitator, patient advocate, and coach. All of this In hopes to empower you to connect closer to yourself, your own truths, and help you find the words to continue these conversations in your own personal circles.